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Welcome to our database.

To support transcriptional regulation studies, we have constructed the DBTSS (DataBase of Transcriptional Start Sites), which represents exact positions of transcriptional start sites (TSSs) in the genome based on our unique experimentally validated TSS sequencing method, TSS Seq. Here we included new TSS data, so that a major part of human adult and embryonic tissues are covered. DBTSS now contains 491 million TSS tag sequences for collected from a total of 20 tissues and 7 cell cultures. We also integrated our newly generated RNA-seq data of subcellular- fractionated RNAs and ChIP Seq data of histone modifications, RNA polymerase II and several transcriptional regulatory factors in cultured cell lines. We also included recently accumulating external epigenomic data, such as chromatin map of the ENCODE project. We further associated those TSS information with public and original SNV data, in order to identify single nucleotide variations (SNVs) in the regulatory regions. These data can be browsed in our new viewer which also supports versatile search conditions of users. We believe new DBTSS is helpful to understand biological consequences of the massively identified TSSs and identify human genetic valuations which are associated with disordered transcriptional regulations.

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